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Our success is our ability to provide high quality products at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

✓ We provide the best customer service.

✓ We engineer and manufacture all products in-house.

✓We react to our customer breakdown situations as if they were our own

When it comes to our products and customer service, we have one goal: to provide the best quality and service in the industry.

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Our History



The Company started operations

The Company started operations in a 400m2 facility located in Alicante city (Spain), working mainly on the design and construction of pumping systems, driving systems and fishing nets handling systems of fishing boats. The operation is concentrated in southern Spain customers with equipment up to 5.000 kg.



Second family generation

The second family generation broadened the technical capabilities of the company and ventured in the world of granite and natural stone, building their first machinery for cutting, calibration and polishing of granite and marble. Such business activity remained as one of the main markets of the company until year 1980, counting more than 2.000 machines manufactured until that date all around Spain, progressively increasing its productive facilities over 1.000m2, delivering equipment up to 20.000Kg.



Third family generation

The third family generation in continuous improvement of its technical and productive capabilities started the development of its first bulk material conveying equipment for the non-metallic mining and ceramic industry, introducing the belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, primary and secondary shredders, impact crushers, hammer mills, ball mills, bar mills, vibratory screens, rotary screens, single and dual axis mixers among many other specialized bulk material process equipment. This product line remains constantly improved up to date, counting more than 5.000 delivered machines for the mining and ceramic markets in Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, United States, etc. The production facilities were increased to 1,800 m2 with equip-ment up to 100,000Kg.



The fourth family generation

The fourth generation expanded the company´s machinery market to the plaster, lime and cement industries, mastering and improving the bulk material conveying ma-chinery and adding new bulk processing machinery like direct and indirect drying drums, cooling drums, high efficiency precision blenders, integrated weighting systems and semi-automated packaging systems. This product line is produced up to date with more than 3.000 delivered equipment for customers in Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Al-geria, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, United States, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom. The productive facilities were increased to 3.800m2 with equipment up to 150.000Kg.



The fifth familiy generation

The fifth familiy generation increased the technical and productive company capabilities extending the activity to equipment for the recycling industry , solid urban and Industrial Waste , plastics, bio-mass, non ferrous waste, paper and cardboard, sewage sludge and waters treatments, among oth-er equipments.
Colorful buildings of a cement factory at night, Germany.
Colorful buildings of a cement factory at night, Germany.
Colorful buildings of a cement factory at night, Germany.
Colorful buildings of a cement factory at night, Germany.

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